Texas’s Concealed Carry Law

Texas is one of the most carefree states when it comes to gun possession. Anyone who is of legal age can buy and carry a concealed weapon, provided they apply for the necessary papers. The Texas state constitution Article 1 Section 23 protects its citizens’ right to bear arms, although the website of Mark Lassiter, Attorney at Law says this has its limitations. According to Texas Stat. & Code Ann. § 46.02., if you are planning to carry a concealed weapon (or have it near your body or vehicle), you need to have a concealed carry permit.

Certain individuals are prohibited to carry weapons in Texas, whether open or concealed. Among them are those not of legal age (anyone younger than 21 years old), those who have been convicted of a felony offense of have been charged within that past 5 years with anything that is included in the listed misdemeanors, any fugitives from justice or chemically-dependent people, those who are late in paying their state tax payments, and many others. For a full list, it is better to refer to the Texas Pen. Code § 411.172.

Despite the lenient gun laws in Texas, you may still need the help of a Dallas criminal defense lawyer once you have been caught by the police for openly carrying a firearm, as stated in the Texas Pen. Code § 46.035. Furthermore, Texas Pen. Code § 46.03. states that you are not allowed to carry a concealed firearm unless you are within your own premises, you vehicle, or watercraft. These rules, however, may not apply to those who are in active military duty, prison guards, or officers of the court who are on official duties.

Penalties regarding gun carrying violations can differ; they can include fines reaching to $2,500 and imprisonment of up to a year for some misdemeanor violations. Penalties for felonies can include fines of up to $10,000 with between 2 and 10 years of prison time. Because of such harsh penalties, Mark Lassiter Law encourages those who have been charged to consult a Dallas criminal defense lawyer, whether you simply have questions regarding the charges or if you need legal representation in court.

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There Should be no Room for Cruelty, Especially in the Home

Violence in the home is one of the most common causes of injuries to a spouse and the cause of psychological trauma and guilt feeling in many children, who are witnesses to this form of harmful, unlawful behavior.

Every year, close to 10 million incidences of domestic abuse and violence are committed in the US. Victims include both male and female, majority of whom, though are female aged between 16 and 34. This type of violence can be in the form of emotional abuse, psychological abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse and/or sexual abuse. The perpetrator is, of course, one’s intimate partner and the purpose – to have complete dominance over the other.

An abused partner can suffer many different forms of repeated injurious attacks from his/her partner. He/she may by slapped, punched, kicked, forced to use drugs or alcohol, grabbed painfully on different parts of the body, refused medical care or treatment, criticized, treated indifferently, forced to perform sexual acts, injured on his/her private parts, and so many others.

Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, regardless of his/her age, religion, nationality, professional standing, educational attainment, financial status, etc.; and anyone can also be a perpetrator, so long as he/she has the capability and the thoughtlessness to humiliate, threaten, terrorize, intimidate and greatly frighten his/her partner until that partner loses his/her feelings of self-confidence and self-worth, becoming fully submissive to all the domineering partner’s wishes and commands.

Victims of domestic violence often tend to becoming problematic, embarrassed and always hesitant to act, and withdrawn. But while the victim suffers greatly, so do the children who become witnesses of the acts of cruelty.

Studies have shown and proven that children themselves, who are raised in families wherein domestic violence is a common occurrence tend to harbor so much guilt within themselves for failing to defend their parent from the abusive other parent. Sadly, instead of seeking outside help, due to the guilt and, probably, fear, children suffer the same results of withdrawal and incisiveness as their abused parent.

Domestic violence was codified as a crime only in the 1970s. Because of the nature of laws, it is possible for an individual to appear to be a perpetrator of domestic violence without actually being in any violation. A Columbia criminal defense lawyer can help those who are incorrectly accused of these actions defend his or her name in the eyes of the law.

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Saving Your Future from Possible Ruin through a Good Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can result to serious damages to one’s professional and personal reputation. A conviction, however, will affect all other professional and personal concerns, despite having spent time behind bars and paying costly fines. An informational article speaks of these same predicaments that accused or convicted individuals face and may suffer from for the rest of their lives.

Well, the fact is, majority of those who have been convicted of a crime seldom get the chance to live the kind of worry-free lives that they once enjoyed. For no matter how great the punishments they have undergone for the crimes that they have been accused or convicted of, the accusation and conviction will be a mark that will: hinder employers from hiring them; for landlords from leasing to them a place to live in; for governments from allowing them to travel internationally; for family courts from awarding them child custody or visitation rights; and, cause in them many other forms of limitations and inconveniences.

Criminal defense lawyers are fully aware of the psychological burden suffered by those charged with a crime. They know how the accused person’s relationships in the workplace and in the community can suddenly change. Simply put, any criminal charge can ruin a person’s future.

Aside from possession and sale of narcotics, DUI or DWI, robbery or theft, another very serious offense is murder, also called manslaughter or intentional/criminal homicide (a homicide may be made in reference to either a criminal and non-criminal act, where the latter refers to accidentally killing a person due to self-defense or due to the act of defending another).

A very serious offense, defense to a murder case, thus, necessitates only the most competitive and experienced lawyer who would be ready with evidences (products of weeks of deeper investigation regarding the case) that will prove the innocence of the accused, counter-arguments and an effective tactic that will depose witnesses from the opposing side.

In 2012 alone, about 12,765 murder cases were reported, which means the same number of highly-competitive legal professionals needed to make strong and convincing defenses that will earn for all those accused, verdicts of acquittal.

Not all lawyers have the same competitive leverage, however; thus, it is necessary that the accused finds only the best lawyer to represent him/her. Seeking the help of a skilled lawyer from your city can definitely be a really wise move for this will mean entrusting your case to someone who really knows the criminal law and is an expert in criminal defense.


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