Personal Injury: Whiplash

There are different kinds of injuries that individuals, who get involved in car accidents, may sustain. These can range from the least minor bruises to the more serious bone fracture, neck and spinal cord injury, traumatic head injury, injury to the face, internal injuries, paralysis, and whiplash, which the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) believes may be the most common car crash injury sustained by victims.

Whiplash is characterized by an abrupt, violent blow to one’s head, causing it to jolt back and forth. It can damage muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues in the neck area. Though a car accident may be its usual cause, a whiplash can also result from a fall, an injury sustained in sports, or an assault. When sustained through a motor vehicle accident, it would be due to the car being hit hard from behind or at the side, causing the neck to jerk with force to one side and then back.

One major drawback concerning whiplash injuries is that these are often neither easily nor immediately noticeable until some (or many) hours after the accident. X-rays can prove useless too as the injury does not necessarily show fractured bones on the neck. There are symptoms, though, that may hint its existence, like a sense of needles and pins in the arms, dizziness, lack of energy, nausea, neck swelling, back pain, pain on the shoulder and arms, headaches blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, and muscle spasms.

Though being rear-ended by an speeding vehicle can definitely result to a serious whiplash injury, it can be a surprise for many to know that most whiplash injuries are caused by vehicles running only between five and ten miles per hour. The best advice given to all drivers to avoid this type of injury despite an accident is by making sure that one is properly restrained, which means making sure that one is wearing or is secured by a seatbelt.

Rear-ending another vehicle can be due either to tailgating or inattentive/distracted driving. The driver at fault will surely need to comply with the stipulations of the law and compensate his/her victim for the damages the victim will suffer from (due to the injury).

On the part of the victim, it will be very wise to seek the services of a highly-competent personal injury lawyer, who will explain to him/her the best legal options that may enable him/her to receive compensation from the liable party – a right of the victim that the law upholds.


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