Professional License Defense: Public Accountants

One of the most crucial concerns or responsibilities that can influence a business firm which can dictate its continuous growth or sudden failure rests on the shoulders of a professional accountant, whose job is to safeguard the integrity, as well as ensure the quality and accuracy, of financial reporting.

Any form of business, in fact, has a need for a professional accountant, who will have the duty of preparing the employees’ taxes, and audit, provide consultation, and prepare taxes of governments and corporations. Thus, there are management accountants, government accountants, and internal accountants, each tasked with a specific responsibility. And, due to the sensitivity and crucial nature of their job, as well as the trust placed upon them, accountants are, thus, trained to be detail-oriented, organized and to be persons with a high degree of integrity.

Earning the title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a very rigorous process that is determined by each of the 50 states in the US. The requirements fall under 6 levels:

  • Education Requirements: rather than implementing the usual 120-credit academic requirement for a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, most states now require the 150-credit college degree program, the same number of credits required to be able to earn a seat for the CPA exam
  • Passing the CPA Exam: is considered the most difficult part in becoming a CPA; in fact, it has always had a low passing rate
  • Ethics Exam: even if a person has already passed the CPA exam, he/she will still need to complete a course in Ethics and/or take an Ethics exam before he/she could be awarded a CPA license
  • Experience Requirements
  • CPA License Requirements
  • Membership in recognized CPA Organizations

All the painstaking requirements that a CPA aspirer has to comply with will definitely make his/her accounting license a very precious possession. This license, just as in other professions, will serve as a person’s pass to a good, high-paying job that will help him improve or maintain his quality of life and that of his/her family’s.

Thus, if something goes amiss, so that threats of possibly losing his/her professional accounting license surfaces, maybe due to accusations of fraud, gross negligence in the performance of duty, dishonesty, violation of the rules of professional conduct, or a conviction of felony because of fraud or dishonesty, the need to find someone who can help in proving his/her innocence, clean his/her name, as well as protect his/her license from being suspended or revoked, becomes absolutely necessary. A Texas license defense lawyer, among a few others, is one legal professional who can be fully trusted in a professional license defense due to his/her knowledge of the law and high level of competence in the defense process.

Entrusting your fate and the fate of your accounting license to someone who lacks enough experience in the defense room can mean the end of everything you have worked so hard for.

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