Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

When you think about workplace accidents, you imagine electrocution in construction sites, crashing rocks in mines, and explosions in gas fields. It is understandable that those are the first things that come into your mind, because those accidents can truly be devastating and even life-threatening.

However, it should be said that workplace accidents can happen on any kind of workplace, ranging from construction sites up to office buildings. One of the most overlooked yet dangerous accidents is called the slip and fall.

What is Slip and Fall?

A slip and fall accident occurs when a person slips because of a third-party object and falls into the ground. This kind of accident is violent enough to injure someone, and yes, it can happen in the workplace.

According to the website of Brunkenhoefer P.C., those who have been injured on the job because of slip and fall accidents may have legal options. That is good to know, because employers may make more effort in making the workplace safer if they know that they can be held liable.

How Does It Happen?

You will have a strong case if it has been proven that your employer’s action or inaction has resulted into the dangerous condition that has ultimately led to the slip and fall accident and injury. This can still be true even if it is another employee’s fault, because employees are still under the employers’ responsibility, unless this employee has malicious intentions.

A considerable amount of time should have also elapsed for the employer to see and fix the dangerous condition. This will amplify the employer’s negligence.

What are the Risk Factors?

The risk factors vary greatly depending on where you work. On the more dangerous workplaces, the risk factors are usually unattended materials on the floor, slippery substances such as chemicals and oils, uncleaned debris, and cylindrical objects like pipes.

On the less dangerous workplaces, like office buildings, the risk factors may include leaks from air conditioners and pipes, worn carpets and rugs, overly slippery floor waxes, defective escalators and elevators, and spilled drinks.

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