The Jones Act: Options for Injured Maritime Workers

Maritime workers are often on the cusp of dangerous situations. Boats, ships, and vessels can be risky venues where plenty of accidents and injuries could occur. When these incidents occur, maritime workers often have limited options. Unlike land-based employees, they aren’t entitled to workers’ compensation and other related benefits. Their only options are delineated in what is called the Jones Act.

A person injured while performing work duties in a sea vessel for a particular amount of time is entitled to sue their employer for just compensation under the Jones Act. In particular, the Jones Act aims to hold employers accountable for cases of injuries caused by negligence. If an employer fails to provide the personnel with safe working conditions, maritime law mandates that they provide compensation to help the injured worker sufficient assistance as they recover from the accident.

Employers will be considered negligent as long as they fail to make sure that the vessel remains safe for all the workers onboard. For example, if an employer does not meet industry regulations in the maintenance of the ship, a maritime lawyer could prove that they have been reckless in creating a productive working environment for their employees. Another example is the employer’s inability to provide proper training for their personnel, leaving them ill-equipped to handle emergency scenarios.

According to the website of the Mokaram Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers, injured maritime workers can make a Jones Act claim to help cover a variety of damages caused by the accident. In particular, they can seek financial compensation for the cost of treatment and rehabilitation, loss of income due, as well as any psychological or emotional effects left by the tragedy. If you work in the maritime industry and believe you are entitled to the benefits of the Jones Act, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer to learn of all your legal options.

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